My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 7 The Training Begins

Coming to the front of the four disciples, Lu Zhou’s eyes moved from Duan Musheng to Ming Shiyin and then to Zhao Yue.

“Xiao Yan.”

Duan Musheng and the other three disciples were scared and shivered.

Xiao Yan hurriedly said, “disciple is here.”

“Get up.”


Lu Zhou noticed that her loyalty has reached 65%.

Duan Musheng, Ming Shiyin, Zhao Yue’s loyalty no longer declining and began to rising up.


Their loyalty was far from enough.

Lu Zhou didn’t say much, but said, “I am tired, help me go back.”

Xiao Yan, secretly pleased in her heart, coming to his side with small steps, acting very clever, like a little girl, holding Lu Zhou and heading for the mountain.

Leaving Duan Musheng and the other three disciples looking at each other.

Their master didn’t let them get up, so they naturally didn’t dare to move.

 Coupled with the Master’s palm injury, the three of them were very upset.

“Old four, you really hurt me …” Duan Musheng cried out.

 “For this, you still want to blame me? I didn’t believe that Master was injured after careful analysis,” Ming Shiyin said.

“After the analysis? Then your analysis is really accurate. ” Zhao Yue is also complaining, not because of the attitude change of the fourth senior brother, and she will not follow to rebel to her master.

“Who knew this would happen? Thousands of calculations are counted, I still missed a little… “

“What did you miss?”

“Maybe, errr… probably, it’s really Master who is tired of playing the old habits and wants to play the new one …”

Duan Musheng and Zhao Yue’s face had black lines.

“How about if we escape now!” Zhao Yue whispered.

“Escape? How to escape now, didn’t you see Master’s thousands of miles pursuit? “

“Just now, the master pursued the top ten masters, as if he had used the Dharma Body twice, at least one time he chased them thousands of miles away. Fifth sister’s proposal can be considered … ” Ming Shiyin nodded slightly.

“Consider a fart! Will master wait until now if he wants to die? “

No matter what old four said, Duan Musheng couldn’t believe him.

Eating one grain and growing one wisdom, and Master did not strike them, it means that you still have a chance to live.

If you really escape, you’ll be just like the elder brothers.


In the pavilion.

Lu Zhou sat down slowly and didn’t feel asthma.

After recovering to the ninth level of the quenched body, it was not a problem to go up and down the mountain.

“Xiao Yan, how long have you been up the mountain?” Lu Zhou asked.

“Replying to the Master, it’s been five years since Yan ‘er followed Master.”

“Five years …”

In five years, she already achieved the cultivation of God realm.

Ji Tiandao, this old guy, cultivated some monsters who went against him.

Lu Zhou speculated that it should be Ji Tiandao who got some assistance from the system before turning on the system.

“Do you know what’s wrong?” Lu Zhou said with emotion.

Xiao Yan immediately knelt down.

She muttered, “Master … this disciple knows that she wrong. I shouldn’t have listened to elder brother and sister’s words! Master, you have to believe that I have always been very obedient.”

“This was not what I meant.”


“At the end of the year, you left Jinting Mountain without permission and took away the two classics’ practice books. didn’t you?” Luzhou said.

“The disciple is wrong.”

“Why do you want to do this?”

Lu Zhou searched for the memory in his mind but did not find the motive for her to do so.

Xiao Yan vomited his tongue and said, “The fourth brother said that those who are not on the blacklist are not worthy to be disciples of Jinting Mountain! So … so … I went. “

“Blacklist?” Lu Zhou also has no information about this piece.

“This is a ranking list established by practitioners. The practitioners on the list are all villains. The brothers and sisters have entered the top 30…Master…Master…”


“Master, you are ranked first.”

Lu Zhou, “…”

Seeing her master lost in thought, Xiao Yan did not dare to continue talking but secretly observed.

The change of atmosphere makes little her dare not leave the atmosphere.

She didn’t know how long it took before Luzhou said, “Well… The son doesn’t teach, It’s the father who passes, the teaching is not strict, and the teacher is lazy. It’s because the teacher didn’t teach you well.”

 After hearing the words, Xiao Yan glanced at her Master with a complicated look.

Although the time of entering the mountain gate is very short, far less than that of other her elder brothers and sisters, she also knew something about the old man in front of her.

Master, what’s the matter?

Lu Zhou also felt her doubts and said, “Yan Er, you are the teacher’s favorite disciple. From now on, you can’t do evil, okay?”

“I see.”

“Get up.”


Xiao Yan was forgiven and overjoyed.

“Hee hee, Master you’re the best … I will massage your shoulders.” Xiao Yan ran behind Lu Zhou like a rabbit.

Lu Zhou lamented in his heart that Ji Tiandao, the old guy, had taught eight villains, but at least one had a conscience and knew filial piety. If it weren’t for the timely crossing, it was estimated that his youngest disciple would be blackened.

Different environments provide different influences. Although Xiao Yan was weird, her heart was simple and easy to be damaged.

【 Ding, completed the quest, the loyalty of Xiao Yan has reached 80%, and the merit is rewarded by 100 points. 】

Lu Zhou glanced at Xiao Yan, and her loyalty really reached 80. He nodded with satisfaction and said, “Go and call the three of them.”


Xiao Yan ran down the mountain like a monkey.

Liu Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

“System, is there a better way to punish evil people?”

In the past, he was also a company executive. Although he did not have Ji Tiandao’s experience in the world for thousands of years, he still had his own opinions on teaching subordinates, as did teaching apprentices.

The more pressure, the easier it is to cause rebound.

At the end of the day, these villains are evil, all as a result of her Taoism, and she hates her Tiandao. Since Liu Zhou has replaced her Tiandao, she will have to go along this road.

The system did not respond.

“Since you don’t answer me, I will do it according to my own ideas.” Liu Zhou said.

Not long.

Duanmusheng, Mingshiyin and Zhaoyue lowered their heads, and they were afraid of going up the mountain. The little kite is standing to the side.

Came to the pavilion, burst, all knelt down.

“Master forgives!”

“Master, pardon me!”

“Master forgives!”

Loyalty is 40%, 35% and 42% respectively.

It’s still a very low number. If there is any slight change in this loyalty, they will fall over like a swing arm.

There was silence in the pavilion.

Luzhou didn’t talk, they also didn’t dare to speak.

Silence is better than sound.

The more this silent atmosphere, the more the three of them feel uneasy, cold back.

A quarter of an hour passed.

Lu Zhou still didn’t speak.

Sighing and shaking his head.


Zhao Yue, the fifth disciples, couldn’t help this strange atmosphere any longer, lying on the ground and crying, “Master, it’s all because the disciple was confused! Since the day I joined Jinting Mountain I never thought to betray the master! I’m begging Master to understand! “

Someone took the lead, and Duan Musheng and Ming Shiyin also begged for mercy.

“Master, it has been a hundred years for disciple since I started! In a hundred years…The disciple has hard work even if he didn’t have merit…I beg Master to remember that disciple has followed you for a hundred years and spare his life!”

“Master, the disciple was obedient since the start. I have never disobeyed Master in 60 years. Disciple was blinded by desire before he made a mistake by disobeying you! Please, Master, please!”

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